About Us


Over 9 years ago, I founded the African American Youth Harvest Foundation (AAYHF) to provide resources to under served, at-risk youth and their families in Austin and outlying areas. I saw that there was a gap that needed to be filled and I worked tirelessly with community partners and parents who were truly concerned about the barriers that not only effect the minority populations of Austin but children of all races, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. My vision for AAYHF was then and is now simple: continue to grow in order to transition youth and their families who are in crisis into an end goal of self-sufficiency.

We have an incredible opportunity to turn Austin on its axis and maximizing the potential of our youth while boosting the economy. If you would like to learn more about how you can join our long-standing tradition of supporting our youth; explore our website. We have provided a wealth of knowledge and would be more than happy to continue the discussion about your specific need if you would like to drop us a line in our secure Contact Form.

Finally, I challenge you to volunteer your time and resources TODAY! We cannot continue to climb the ladder of success with our hands in our pockets.

Michael Lofton
President & CEO